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they say necessity is the mother of invention...


yellowdot was born out of my needing three things in a hot sauce. Yea, I’m demanding when it comes to a condiment… but hey, you should be when it comes to using something every day!
1. This sauce needed to be organic with no artificial preservatives or additives.
2. Have a unique flavor.
3. Be versatile.
And after years of perfecting the batch I had finally created bottled sunshine. How many people can say that?
I’ve been making yellowdot for personal consumption since 1993 and since then, my friends and family have not only asked for it but have shared it with others. I considered producing this hot sauce in 1996 during the hot sauce trend but didn’t want to get lost in the heat wars. So, now that people do not need to have their eyes bleed and, are more aware of where their products and ingredients are coming from, it’s time to share.
I like to make people happy, ask my friends.




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