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Yellowdot Hot Sauce: Clean, distinct heat and flavor. The heat grew with each second and exploded with a sunny, bright aftertaste. 8/10
The sauce styles changed with this ranking- here, we were mainly concerned about the growing levels of heat. Who balanced the heat and the flavors the best? What were the underlying flavors that helped tease out the fire? Which ones sent us running for the hills? Ultimately, Marie Sharp’s Habanero swept another victory, along with classic favorite Dave’s Gourmet Caribbean, and new artisanal brand NW Elixirs Hott sauce, carrying a hell of a spice blend.


Foodie Friday: Yellowdot Hot Sauce

Posted on January 24, 2014 by BeautyFrosting


Sunshine in a bottle that makes every meal bright?! Okay, I was seriously on the fence on this guy. Not because I didn’t like it but because I loved it SOOOOO much that I couldn’t decide if it should be a Foodie Friday post or a My Current Crush post. Seriously, y’all. This stuff is liquid gold- or, as they call it – sunshine in a bottle. I would argue that it’s Florida sunshine in a bottle but who am I to get caught up with semantics? How could I not love Yellowdot Small Batch Hot Sauce?


​I mean, you wanna know what the first ingredient listed is? Um, LOVE. Yep, love. And you know what I always say, “Cooking or baking without love is like sex without love.” Well, that’s my first time saying that but I’ve thought it before so there. So I was introduced to this fierce, fiery sauce by a friend and, to be honest, my expectations were low. “Hot sauce, you say? Honey, I’m from Texas. I’ll be the judge of this alleged ‘hot’ sauce.” Well, pardon me, honey because it is HOT as in HAWWWWWT. It is delicious. It is tangy. It is healthy. And I dare say that it changed my life. Yep, it was love at first taste. I put some on my omelette and I was a goner. I’ve never tasted another sauce like it – and I mean NO sauce like it not just hot sauce. It could be because it’s made with love but I think the other unorthodox ingredients also play a part. Among them? Carrots (!!!!!!whaaaa???????!!!), onions, habanero peppers, lime juice (one reason I adore it), vinegar (another), shallots (how fancy!), and a dash of grapeseed oil (oh, what’s that? an antioxidant, you say? I look younger already). Yep, it’s love.


Know how I know? Because I’ve gone through a whole bottle in less than 2 weeks and have been eating a homemade omelette every day for lunch just so I can taste that tangy sauce. So not only is it tantalizing for my tastebuds but it’s encouraging me to eat more healthfully and saving me money on lunch to boot. It’s the godsend of sauces, I tell you. And, NO, I am not being dramatic. The LA girl in me also loves that they support the environment and economy by using sustainable business practices by supporting local growers and farmers. And, um – did I mention that it’s organic and all natural? And for you uber-healthy folks out there – you’re gonna loooove this – they don’t use any frustrating fillers like salt, sugar, flour, corn syrup, fructose, xantham gum, pepper mash or any coloring or artificial flavors or preservatives. All natural and addictively delicious? This is addiction I could live with.

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